The question I’m asked most often about starting the business is, ‘what’s it going to look like?’

It’s a fair question to ask.  Fashion is so broad now and luxury covers everything from opulent eveningwear to high end streetwear.  Identity is everything.  It’s what makes you unique and memorable in an over-saturated market.  Every designer has a natural handwriting, a style and aesthetic that feels right. While working for other brands I have combined my handwriting with their brief and created pieces in a range of styles as a result.  So will the collection look like anything I’ve done before? Not really.  Of course I have been influenced by what I’ve done and been surrounded by, but there have also been so many other things I would have liked to have tried.

What surprises most people is that the honest answer is I don’t know yet!  I know what I am aiming to achieve, which is a contemporary style that is feminine, flattering and luxurious.  I know the aesthetic I am drawn towards and the elements I will combine.  I have a vision in my mind but also know that once I put pencil to paper that vision will blur and I’ll have to start sketching through my ideas to find the real outcome of those thoughts.

I have always been drawn to contrasts in fashion, combining structure with softness, conceptual with wearable, dark with light.  This started with my graduate collection and has been waiting for an opportunity to be developed.  Now I can go back to my roots, explore the ideas that I feel passionate about and present the outcome of my own creation.

The problem is, with so much to draw from, how do I decide what to use?  It’s going to be a small collection initially, which makes it so important that every piece represents the brand and defines the identity of Mya Rose.  The biggest challenge is how to condense all the different ideas and inspiration into a concise, beautiful collection.  One full of garments that women will want to wear and feel beautiful in.  The challenge is on!