I am Claire, founder and designer of Mya Rose, and this blog is my opportunity to share an insight into my world, the world of Mya Rose and to invite you to share my journey.

Since the age of about 12 I knew I wanted to be a designer.  I have always loved clothes and loved to create. I can’t imagine ever not creating things, not seeing beauty in everyday life and wanting to channel and craft that into something special. I’m not interested in functional, I’m interested in beautiful, special and unique. To me fashion is an opportunity to create beauty, in a dress, in an image, or to bring it out in a woman.

To me clothing is about necessity, while fashion is about delight.  It’s desire and excitement, expression and playfulness, and Mya Rose is the embodiment of this. It is a brand born out of passion for the two great loves of my life, my profession as a designer with a desire to make beautiful things, and my family, my two beautiful girls who are now nine months and two and a half years. I spent ten years working in London, which I absolutely loved – it was an exciting and challenging time, when I learnt so much, but I have realised this is not compatible with the life I want with my family.

However, I am not prepared to give up on either of these things.

Now my husband and I have returned to Devon, to the beautiful countryside and coastline where we grew up and met, to make our dream our reality. I want to invest time developing and creating the clothes I believe in, to build a brand with integrity that brings high fashion and contemporary design together with femininity to make a woman feel elegant and empowered. While still being a mother to my girls and, hopefully, inspiring them that, in the future, they too can achieve their dreams.

And my daughters, they are called Mya and Rose.