There is change in the air and it feels like time for a wardrobe detox.  As the summer comes to an end the focus is shifting from light, strappy dresses to layers, and I’m getting a little excited about wearing boots again!

With a more autumnal approach to dressing coming, it feels like the right moment for a declutter.  I don’t know about you, but I have a mountain of clothes, most of which are rarely worn and a handful that get worn to death.  These favourites however, are fighting a battle of suffocation amidst the crush of random pieces that were worn a couple of times a few years ago, and which may be worn again sometime, on the right occasion….or may not.

It reminds me of a quote I read from Vivienne Westwood – ‘Buy less.  Choose well.  Make it last. Quality, not quantity.  Everybody’s buying far to many clothes’

I believe in this approach to ‘slow fashion’ but to embrace it fully I have decided that a detox is in order, for the sake of my sanity and the preservation of the clothes I do have.  It will be a fresh start and going forward I can concentrate on investing only in new pieces I love, which compliment the wardrobe I have.  It would also be nice to have some clarity over what I actually own, and to rediscover what might be hidden at the back!

It’s easy to separate your clothes between the ‘love’ and the ‘discard’ piles, but what to do with the pieces you like but don’t wear often is more difficult.  I aim to be honest in assessing each piece, and don’t see the point in throwing something out if it’s going to be worn again, but am I honestly going to?  I’m trying to consider if a piece could be restyled, or if it needs an alteration to fit better? If not, it’s time to send it off to a charity shop for a new home.

Personally I couldn’t function with too minimal a wardrobe.  I need some choice, some pieces that work for each season, as well as dressing up options for special occasions.  But as long as each piece has a purpose and is genuinely going to be worn and appreciated, then I will consider that a successful job done!

On feeling thoroughly cleansed, it seems only fair to treat myself to a new addition having found some space – as long as it is well chosen and well made, so it will be a lasting and loved addition!  Once you have reached this point I strongly recommend a look at our shop for your reward, and don’t forget, there is a new Mya Rose collection coming very soon!