The last few weeks have been pretty intense.  There has been so much to do to complete the collection and in preparation for the photoshoot.  Everything comes together at the last minute so no matter how organised you are it’s always nail biting until the last moment. It is such a buzz of emotions, from excitement to anxiety and back again.  But I am grounded by the fact that every day I have moments of complete pleasure in what I am doing, and am reminded that this is what I love, and how lucky I am to be able to do it.

I  will always remember that when I was young, and considering what career I wanted to pursue, my Mum pointed out that all of the hours and days you spend at work add up to a huge percentage of your lifetime.  So you really might as well fill that time with something you enjoy.  That thought helped give me the confidence to pursue a career in fashion.

Having made this decision at the age of about 12, I remember being frustrated at having to wait for years, until after A-levels, to begin my journey into fashion.  I started stockpiling prospectuses from every university in the country with a fashion course, and subscribed to Vogue magazine – they were my ways of engaging with my dream and looking forward to the future.

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the whole journey so far.  University was amazing, I went to Ravensbourne and learned so much, from the technical skills of construction, to ways of thinking about the design process and the expression of my ideas.  My first work placement at Bora Aksu showed me the joy of working in a very hands on way and I knew then that I had made the right choice, that if I could have a career doing this I would be really happy.

At Temperley London and working freelance I grasped a more commercial understanding of the industry and enjoyed the balancing of creative and commercial considerations.  I came to realise that the business aspect was as integral to the design process as the aesthetic, and the challenge of this still excites me.

I feel that all of my experiences, both professionally and personally have led me to this point and I’m relishing the opportunity to take the reigns and shape my passion into a product, and am very much looking forward to presenting it to the world.

It won’t be long now so watch this space!