Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year.  It’s a rare chance to put everything else to one side and enjoy time with your family and friends, to indulge in the things you enjoy the most and your personal festive traditions.

I have noticed that the way people dress for Christmas tends to fall into three categories.  Firstly there are those who dress up, who use the occasion as an excuse to wear all of their favourite clothes for the whole season, regardless of whether they’re going to a party or are at home watching the queen’s speech, eating mince pies.

In stark contrast there are the people who want to indulge in the luxury of a well-earned break and enjoy the opportunity to kick back in nothing but loungewear and slippers until the new year.  With no pressure to look good, only to make the most of this chance to relax and be comfortable.

Then there are those who like to express their excitement for the season through their choice of clothing, mainly aided by the Christmas jumper, and often accessorised by Christmas pudding earrings, reindeer slipper-socks and a flashing Santa hat.

I applaud this dedication!  I love to see people getting excited and passionate about something, and expressing it through the way they dress.  I don’t think people feel able to express themselves very easily in their everyday lives, and this special time of year seems to allow us all a little more freedom, which in itself is a gift.

I definitely fall into the first category.  I wholeheartedly embrace the excuse to wear something a little bit special, and don’t care if it means laying on the floor amongst the wrapping paper and chocolate wrappers, playing games with my children in a silk dress and jewels!  I think that wearing something special makes you feel special, which adds to the entire sense of occasion.  I don’t think that dressing up needs to be reserved for going out to a party, or to dinner, why not look and feel just as fabulous at home with your family and friends?

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit much for every day, but this isn’t every day, it’s Christmas!

Whichever group you fall into I hope you are enjoying your Christmas in your way, and that you have a wonderful new year.