I’ve always thought that a brand’s identity needs to be expressed in its debut collection, and for Mya Rose the challenge has been to represent the contrast and balance between its defining elements of contemporary styling and a wearable femininity.  I have taken inspiration from abstract architectural photography, which frames only a graphic shape or detail in a piece of contemporary architectural design.  By taking it out of context of the building, the image becomes like a piece of contemporary art.

Taking this abstract, structural element and combining it with a softness, flattering shapes and feminine details, has allowed a balance to be found that feels right for the brand and a new offering for the luxury customer.  The pieces have personality and a unique style which I feel is both flattering and directional, which is what I wanted to achieve.

I am very excited about taking this feeling forward into future seasons.  Finishing one collection has given me all the direction I need to start the next as there are so many elements and ideas that can be developed further and reworked into something new.

I want to build a recognisable identity for Mya Rose, rather than changing from one idea to another each season.  So this first collection is a key statement and a starting point which will evolve season by season.  I plan to take some elements through from one collection to another, develop them in a new way, while continuing to add fresh inspiration and ideas.

Launching the brand has been both exciting and momentous.  It has propelled us into a new phase of the business while allowing an opportunity to look back at what has been achieved so far with the first collection.  I am delighted with what has been accomplished and already have lots of plans and ideas for the future.

The challenge now is to push ahead with marketing our first collection, while preparing and designing the next season – exciting times!