I have spent the last weeks working furiously towards the photoshoot.  It’s felt like the light at the end of the tunnel, the deadline, the goal and the reward all wrapped up into one.  It certainly was the culmination of months of work and it felt really good to see all of the garments come together in one place, on a beautiful model in a studio setting.

I had a few issues in the run up to the shoot, but on the day, when our stunning model emerged looking fabulous in the first Mya Rose dress, gazelle-like in her heels, with her sultry gaze in place and pout to the camera, I knew it would be ok!  There are moments in this process where the stresses take hold, and moments where you are filled with delight to be doing it.  This was one of those moments.  It felt like something had been achieved and a milestone had been reached.

Through all the preparation and planning you imagine what the outcome is going to look like, but in reality there are a host of elements that only really come together on the day to determine the result.  So you never truly know how it will look until it’s done.  The way the collection combines with the other elements, such as the model, the styling, lighting and photography, makes it quite an organic process.  All of the decisions and adjustments that take place along the way begin to mould the images that will represent your collection.

I found it an enjoyable process but also felt the responsibility of doing justice to all of the work that had led to this point.  I have been involved in photoshoots at work before, but it is quite a different thing when it’s your own brand.  You are researcher, booker and creative director all at once and the buck stops with you, which gives everything a very different perspective.

I am really pleased with the images and excited to present them to the world, but I have to keep them under wraps for just a little while longer.  The next step is to show them to the retail buyers, to start discussing the possibility of getting them in store.  Whether that’s this season or future seasons, the process of promoting the brand has now begun and it feels good.

It really wont be long now until our full e-commerce website will be live with the first Mya Rose collection!