Creating a collection is one of those things that no matter how organised you are, or how early you start, always comes together at the last minute.  There are samples to make, fabrics to order and fittings to arrange, all at the same time as booking models, planning the photoshoot and preparing for sales.

This was a chaotic time when I was working in an established company with dedicated teams of staff, but when you are starting your own business and responsible for every aspect it’s even more so.  Time has to be split in multiple directions and working through your priorities means you’re constantly jumping from one role to something completely different and back again.

As it’s the first collection we are establishing ourselves and building relationships with the people we want to work with as well as introducing ourselves to new collaborators and customers. So I am tracking down all of the different people I want to work with, from seamstresses and models to photographers and make up artists.  It’s a nice feeling, to be building a team of people around the brand and bringing it to life.  Each person involved will bring their own element to what we’re doing, whether it’s the style of photography and hairdressing, or the proportions of the fit model, every person will leave an impression on the brand, which is exciting, and makes it so important to find the right people.

I feel that the collection is coming together nicely.  It is a gradual process from design to customer, and this is the exciting stage where you start to see all of the pieces sitting together in the correct fabrics and colours with the improvements from all the adjustments and changes made along the way refining the final outcome.  It is very satisfying to see and touch the physical outcome of all the work so far.

The next month will see the final fittings and sampling, and culminate in the photoshoot, which really does feel like the end goal.  It will mark the end of the sampling process but also the start of the next phase, moving from development of the product, to concentrating on the business side of sales and marketing.  But I can’t think too much about that yet, there is still so much to achieve before then!

I’m planning ahead, but the here and now is keeping me on my toes at the moment!