I am thrilled to have been able to add a ‘Press’ page to the Mya Rose website!  We have been fortunate enough to be featured in a couple of publications and it looks like there may be more to follow.  When we developed the site I had a page ready for future use with press listings, and it’s great to have it up and running already.

It is a fantastic boost to the brand and an opportunity to reach new people and show them what Mya Rose is about.  I have been busy promoting the brand on social media and gaining a following across several platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and now Polyvore.  These platforms are great for emerging fashion brands, putting us in control of reaching and connecting with potential followers, and a great way to stay in contact with those who are interested in what we’re doing.

But having press coverage does add an extra dimension to our reach, it’s seen by more people and probably a more diverse range of people, which can only be a good thing.  And it really is nice to see how someone else portrays the brand and to hear their views of the collection – at least it has been so far!!!

The first articles have been from publications based in Devon and I really have found fantastic support from local people and companies, both in the press and elsewhere.  Getting a new brand off the ground is a challenging process, and having this community support is both helpful and heartwarming.

In the luxury market your brand is just as important as your product, so right now what I need to do is to spread the word far and wide.  It’s time to reach out and look for more opportunities to reach new audiences, and so far I think we’re off to a great start!