We’ve just completed the new collection, and with a readiness to try new things, decided it was time to branch out of the studio and do our first outdoor photoshoot.  The previous season lookbooks have been studio based, which were great for a fresh look, focussing on the collection.  But this season felt like the time to add some narrative and character to the setting.

The lookbook is essentially a tool to present the collection, but as well as showing the garments, it’s also used to create a sense of brand identity.  This can be done with the collection and styling alone, but using a location which supports the feel of the brand and collection is also a nice way to tell a story and to add texture.

The story of Mya Rose is very much about bringing a love of fashion together with a love of our countryside lifestyle in Devon.  It felt that the most natural place to utilise was Dartmoor, it’s somewhere we love to go as a family, and has a dramatic and beautiful landscape which characterises this part of the country.  It also symbolises my belief that fashion doesn’t only live and grow in London, or Paris.  Living in the natural beauty of somewhere like Devon can be a huge inspiration.  A business can still function, even thrive, outside of the traditional hubs.

The idea for the shoot was to bring luxury fashion to the natural landscape and to create a sense of contrast and harmony between the opposing elements. High fashion certainly seemed in opposition to the landscape when our poor model was tottering over rocks and tree roots in her towering heels!  Fortunately with her poise and professionalism she she still managed to look harmonious in the photos.

We were also at the mercy of nature when for the first time in weeks, the heavens opened and we were stuck sheltering from the rain under the trees, with a group of Dartmoor ponies for company.  Otherwise it was a successful shoot and I’m very excited to share the results!