There has been a lot of talk about the environmental impact of fashion lately.  It’s a subject we are all becoming more aware of and one that’s starting to be addressed more widely.

Did you know that fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet?  I was quite shocked to hear that.  I knew it was a wasteful and polluting industry and that our desire to always have something new comes at a cost, but I hadn’t quite realised it was as bad as it is.  It’s also incredibly sad because I adore fashion!  I love creating and wearing beautiful clothes.  For a lot of women, indulgence in fashion is one of life’s pleasures and I would hate that joy to become a guilt trip or something our conscience doesn’t allow.  We need to be dressed, and we must be able to find a way to do that both as stylishly, and ethically as possible!

Stella McCartney, well known for her ethical approach, is backing a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which shockingly, states that half of high street fashion is disposed of within a year and in the last 15 years the amount of clothing bought has doubled.  It’s good to see that the report includes many suggestions for improvement, and MPs are now launching an enquiry into the environmental impact of the industry.

Individually it’s not easy to bring about great change in a matter as vast and complex as this, but as consumers we can make choices about how we shop, and as a fashion brand we can produce with a socially and environmentally responsible approach.  At Mya Rose we believe in the principles of slow fashion.  That you can dramatically reduce your impact by buying fewer, quality, garments that are well made more locally and by smaller producers.  Rather than supporting the churning cycle of fast fashion, where pieces are usually of low quality with a short lifespan, after having travelled halfway around the world.

Our clothes are all handmade to order in England, by skilled local seamstresses, to a high standard which ensures a longer lifespan.  Working locally means a vastly reduced carbon footprint, ensures good working relationships and less waste.  Instead of following seasonal trends we strive to create special, design led pieces that are true to the brand, and in turn the customer, which gives the pieces timelessness.

If we all take steps towards a more positive approach I think we could see great changes in our future.

Photography – Rob Grist Photography,  Make Up Artist – Alexandria Benson, Model – ERead More