We are thrilled to launch the new collection from Mya Rose, ‘Fragmented Grace’.

The collection is a continuation of our previous work, developing the core brand identity, while adding a fresh perspective. It is important for us to develop an aesthetic that becomes recognisable as our own, so the contrast and balance between strong, architectural forms and a feminine softness and fluidity remains at its core.  To bring a fresh perspective we have looked at these through a fragmented lens to distort and abstract the image.

We have also been inspired by the stunning abstract, architectural installations of Sarah Oppenheimer.  Her use of bold, abstract shapes, with layering and transparency align with our vision of fragmentation.  The way they intrigue the viewer from multiple perspectives encourages us to design clothes that wrap around the body in a continuation of design momentum.

The juxtaposition of influences is further accentuated by contrasts in fabrication, texture and colour.  To add depth and decoration to the fabric textures we have introduced an embroidered, cut-through fabric and a beautiful, scallop edged cotton lace which has been handmade in England.  These feminine textiles add a soft romanticism to the graphic lines and balance the harshness of the asymmetric detailing.  They look particularly interesting when used together in our Nova Dress.

A balance of both pretty and strong colours bring a freshness to this collection, with contrasts appearing within the fragments of the clothes, and peeking through fabric patterns and layers. We offer multiple colourways in most styles and can offer further options as part of our personal customisation service.

View the full collection here and visit our shop to browse and buy.