I don’t know how it came around quite so quickly, but we’re well into the festive period and party season is well and truly upon us!

Like decorations in the stores, the party season started earlier than most of us were prepared for.  Parties were booked in from November and running all the way into Christmas, then there’s the festive season itself, followed by New Years celebrations.  Of the whole year it really is the season to party.  And multiple times!  With this comes the inevitable question of what to wear.

Each event has its own dress code, usually unspoken, and ranges dramatically from casual, everyday dressing to sparkling, party glamour; from Christmas jumpers and santa hats to full scale black tie and evening gowns.  This often seems led by the the way people feel rather than an actual dress code, so you can end up with people wearing every possible variation at the same party!

Personally I quite like that combination, it allows everyone the opportunity to make their own choice and provides an eclectic mix in a room, but I can see why it leaves some people in a state of panic – what if I’m the only one tottering in heels and a cocktail dress while everyone else wears jeans and a santa jumper? Or worse, I’m in the jumper and everyone else has gone for full scale festive glamour?!

My answer to this is simple.  Wear what you love and feel good in.  You can get away with it more now than ever.  If you love dressing up, as I do, then there is no better time.  It’s Christmas after all, morning noon and night, and if I want to celebrate it head to toe in sequins then I shall!  If you don’t want to resemble a shining Christmas bauble, then there are lots of ways to nod to Christmas in a more subtle way.

Either way, it’s a time to enjoy with friends and family.  Clothes should enhance that, not cause anxiety, so go with your instinct and wear it with pride and a festive smile!