As I have mentioned before, the fashion industry is in a state of transition.  Like many industries it has grown from a simple craft, into a huge and complex, corporate world constantly producing and disposing.  There used to be a seasonal look and we could even define the look of a decade, but we are now in a state of ‘fast fashion’ where we are constantly driven by a desire for what is new so everything is continuously changing.

The transition has happened gradually, but consumer demand, and competition, along with  improved production capabilities, has driven manufacturing into overdrive with brands creating multiple collections, each with many new deliveries throughout the year, all rushing to provide the next thing before the last is anywhere near the stores.  The drive is to always give us something new to covet, so there’s always something we feel the need to buy – and we need to buy it now because in a few months it won’t be the hot new thing!

But I ask, is that really so important?  Is it not more satisfying to find and invest in pieces you love, that express your style, without feeling they are only relevant for a season?  There is a huge amount of waste from the fashion industry.  Whether it’s clothes that are so cheap they’re disposable, or designer pieces that are quickly regarded as out of date.  The impact on the environment through mass production, then mass waste, is huge.

With these issues coming more into focus there is a growing movement called ‘Slow Fashion’.  The idea being that by investing in quality garments, more ethically and locally made, rather than buying and wasting huge quantities from sources of unknown production, you can improve the damaging impact of the industry.  And you don’t have to forgo style, many designers, particularly in emerging brands, work by this principle, as a more ethical way to do business.

At Mya Rose we embrace this ethos.  Our luxury garments are handmade in England by skilled pattern makers and seamstresses.  Working locally means a vastly reduced carbon footprint and ensures good working relationships.  We strive to create special, design led pieces, and instead of following trends, we create collections that are true to the brand, and in turn the customer, making the piece timeless.