Fashion, and the way women dress, is more varied now than ever.  Gone are the days when a season had a defined look that was worn by everyone and women felt the need to conform. Today, we are in a position where fashion can be used either to help you fit into a particular group, or to stand out from the crowd through your individuality and style.  There is so much available to us in every style and at every price point that our choice is about what we want to achieve, and how we chose to express ourselves.  The most important thing is that we have that choice.

With the huge variation in clothing that is available, I think there is little point offering new versions of the same, or pumping out endless new collections in the pursuit of what’s current.  I would rather focus on distinct pieces that I believe in, which are flattering to wear and bring an eclectic, directional element to the customer’s wardrobe.  I want the pieces to be loved for their design and the way they make the woman feel, not because they are of ‘this season’.  I want my clothes to be loved in the years to come as much as they are now.

With questions being asked about the validity of the current fashion system and many brands trying a host of innovative approaches to business, there is change in the air.  The current fluidity in the industry has led me to take the less traditional path of not tying the collections to a season.  It seems to me that fashion is working to a structure that was relevant many years ago, but not quite right for now, and no one is sure where it’s going to go next.  I like the idea that a collection doesn’t become obsolete after a couple of months, so that finding a great piece you love, is more important than an endless, disposable search for the most recent.

This gives me the confidence to develop individual items that speak of an aesthetic, rather than a time.  It allows me to put belief in the design process and create collections that don’t aim to vaguely please everyone, but are exciting and expressive to those women who share that vision.