The little black dress is something of a fashion icon.  It’s a term that every generation and tribe of woman can relate to and something they will almost all have in their wardrobes.

Why is the ‘LBD’ such a staple?  Why does every women own one, and not a little red dress or a little blue dress?  Naturally it is much more versatile, not everyone suits every colour, but black works for almost everyone.  However I believe that it is more than that.  There is a certain elegance or style that the colour black can bring to a dress.  I think it is to do with the severity of colour.  It is not soft or warm, or gentle.  It is strong, making a statement but delivering it in a sophisticated way.

You can’t go wrong with black, it cannot clash, it cannot be out of fashion.  In colour theory Black is associated with power, elegance, formality and mystery.  It has clear associations that do not change with the times.  It is the most transformative colour, as you can dress it up or down with the accessories you choose, or style it completely differently by wearing other colours with it.

Of course a colour is just a colour.  Black is only one element of the ‘LBD’, you need to find the dress that is right for you.  Do you want to play on the severity of the colour? You could look for strong, clean shapes with sharp lines.  If it’s elegance you want, black looks beautiful in draped, luxurious silks, it softens and adds depth to the colour.  Or do you want to emphasise the ‘fashion’ associations (what fashionista doesn’t wear black on a regular basis?) You will find a host of contemporary designers using black as a neutral palette to make their avant-guarde designs more wearable and flattering.

My favourite approach to the black dress is to use the colour as a harmonising element.  Bringing together different opacities, textures and finishes, with matte and satin silks, delicate lace, organza and even jersey to build a sophisticated combination of elements that combine to create something that is both contemporary and timeless.

The Sabine, Ariana and Long Athena Dresses from the Abstract Equilibrium collection by Mya Rose, are created with this approach, and are a stylish solution for the woman who wants to find that balance between a contemporary aesthetic and flattering femininity.

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