I am very lucky to have two beautiful daughters, who are now 2 and 4 years old.  As a designer and lover of fashion that gives me two extra opportunities to go shopping and play dress up, which is fantastic!

It’s entirely unintentional, but I seem to have a habit of dressing the three of us as a group.  Subconsciously I seem to approach getting dressed as building a mini collection!  We tend to get dressed together, and whatever outfit I put together for the first of us, seems to translate into the next two looks.  Often we are all dressed in pretty florals and pinks, there are the sophisticated days when we wear monochrome, then on holiday it’s brights with print, and summer days when we’re fresh in crisp white cottons.

The idea of doing it intentionally makes me cringe a little inside – sometimes I feel the need to explain that it just worked out that way.  That it wasn’t pre-planned coordination, merely the way my subconscious mind takes me.  But it has its upside, photos always look so much nicer when your colours don’t clash, and the girls are beautiful individually, but there’s always something extra special when they are coordinated and looking adorable together!

I find reassurance in seeing the influx of mother-daughter dressing from celebrities – is this more fashionable now, or has it always been a ‘thing’ that I’ve only just started noticing?  Beyonce and Blue Ivy are the first to spring to mind, and Victoria and Harper Beckham are great examples of experts in chic mother-daughter styling.  They will be very aware of photos being taken wherever they go, and must have realised that complimentary dressing makes for a much better picture.

Also it’s only natural for a mother to channel her own sense of style into her children, at least while she can.  Mine are already having strong ideas about what they want to wear, and what they will refuse.  I feel that I only have a short window of opportunity to enjoy this phase, so why not embrace it? I’m going to make the most of dressing them while they’re still in the ‘patent shoes, pink tights and french plait’ phase, before they grow up into the ‘mini skirt and red lipstick’ phase.  Although who’s to say that we won’t still be rocking the same look then?!