I recently sent some samples from the latest collection to a magazine in London, for a fashion editorial photoshoot.  It was the first time that someone else has used the pieces as part of their own editorial work, rather than being shot by, and for Mya Rose.

It’s exciting to hand over the reigns, and for someone else to use our clothes to create a piece of work through their own perspective and aesthetic.  Of course this only works with a publication that has high production values and a style that fits with our own.  In this case I have a lot of trust in the publication and its team, and am very excited to see what they produce with the collection.

Usually, the purpose of a photoshoot is to showcase the clothes, either in the form of a lookbook or as part of an advertising campaign.  The difference and beauty of an editorial piece is that the focus is quite different.  It is a more creative piece of work where the emphasis is on conveying a mood, a movement or telling a story.  Stylists, hair and makeup artists, and photographers collaborate on the shoot, each bringing their own style and input to the project, which allows more freedom and opportunity for creative expression.

I haven’t seen the finished piece yet, and can’t give too much away, but believe that it is coming along well and I can’t wait to see the results!

Watch this space, it will be coming soon!